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Four Corners Geoscience, Inc. (FCGEO) laboratory is located near Bayfield, Colorado. Established in 1984, FCGEO provides independent onsite groundwater sampling in the Four Corners area. Groundwater studies are conducted in accordance with standards and methods set forth by regulatory agencies and specialists. FCGEO has conducted over 4000 onsite evaluations and sampling of domestic water wells, springs, seeps and rivers. Water well sampling includes designated field measurements, observations, and sample collections for required parameters in each area of study.  FCGEO quantifies dissolved methane in groundwater aquifers, rivers, and other sources by gas chromatography. Methane analysis is run within 24 hours and reported promptly to the client. Degreed professionals complete the required sampling, analysis, and field assessment.


FCGEO currently is conducting extensive groundwater studies in accordance with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Infill Orders. Private water well tests and investigations are conducted according to protocols set forth by regulatory agencies. Other monitoring investigations include groundwater sources such as springs, seeps, streams, and rivers.



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